The Eduardo Family Story

The Eduardo's Pasta Factory history dates back to the early 1930's to a small Italian restaurant named Pacifico's in the vibrant port city of Pescara located on the Adriatic coast of Italy. Here is where both Eduardo Morettoni and his wife Marcella learned how to make this full-bodied pasta using superior and fresh ingredients. The pasta was hand pressed an average of six times for texture and consistency.

Marcella's father owned the popular restaurant, and she worked as cook while her father made the pasta daily and managed the restaurant. When Marcella wedded Eduardo Morettoni he too would work from time to time in the restaurant and learned firsthand how to make this incredible tasty mainstay of the local diet.

In 1946 the country and economy were devastated by World War II, Eduardo and Marcella moved their family of four (now there were two young daughters Giuliana and Paola) to Venezuela. It wasn't long until the couple had enough money to open the first Eduardo's restaurant in 1954. A couple of years later the first Eduardo's Pasta Factory opened and is still in operation today.

After running a very popular and successful restaurant and pasta business in Caracas, Venezuela, the family immigrated to San Francisco, California in 1966 where they immediately opened Eduardo's restaurant on Chestnut Street in the Marina district. As was the custom in Marcella’s father restaurant, Eduardo made the pasta in the morning and Marcella cooked it for their patrons in the evening. After two years, Eduardo opened the current pasta factory in the North Beach district of San Francisco. While the restaurant closed in 1978, the factory continues with the same recipe and quality as when the Morettoni left Italy in 1946 and is still family owned.

What was once a gourmet delight, available only to customers of Eduardo’s restaurant, has become accessible to pasta lovers throughout the Bay Area
and beyond.

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